Data Extraction Projects - increase timeout of browser
Submitted: 1/22/2014   Status: Closed
I am getting an error to the effect that the attempt to process a link has failed because of a time out. Is there a way of increasing the time out? Changing the settinsg in property options seems to have no effect.

I'm guessing that you marked check "wait for element' option in Misc tab for any element or template , you can enable 'wait condition scirpt' button then editing the normal c# script to set a specific timeout , by default the timeout is 3 seconds, you can increase it as long as the number is less than the global setting - page load timout (60 secons by default) in Project > Project options > Advanced tab > Connection , it wont stop the project even that element / template couldn't be found.

If I'm misunderstanding, please you attach the specific project and log file, and pointing out where exists this issue.
1/23/2014 12:19:05 AM - Sequentum support
Here is an excerpt from the the debug output. If you look at the url you will see that there is an item on it. Please advise! Thanks a lot

09:57 Processing Link template Categories (1 of 9). Text: AGF CLIP CASE. URL:

09:57 Switching to new web browser instance.

09:57 Processing PageArea template ItemData. No page areas found.

1/23/2014 7:00:50 AM

I increased the time out to 10 seconds in both the wait for element and project option but I still get the same error. Here is an excerpt from the log. Thanks

10:53 Navigation error (Click). Timeout waiting for browser to navigate. Action:

10:53 Error activating page navigation click:

10:53 Processing PageNavigation template Next (page 2)

10:53 Navigation error (Click). Stop signal. Action

1/23/2014 7:56:48 AM
I've run the project for a while, I'm unable to replicate this page navigation click error, noticed that you've set 'auto-detect' action for 'Next' page navigation template, can you try 'Full page load' or other action instead of auto-detect?

if the issue persists, please attach your log file for us investigation. thanks.
1/23/2014 4:40:49 PM - Sequentum support