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Please download the latest version of our data extraction software here if you have already purchased our website scraper.

Download Trial Version

Download a 15 days trial of Visual Web Ripper.

Limitations: The trial version of our web scraping software will only extract the first 100 web elements on a website.

Release date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015

To install our web scraping software, please download and extract the zip file below and run the included executable file.


Please make sure you meet these requirements before installing our data extraction software.

  • Windows 2008R2/2012/2012R2/7/8/10 (Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista are no longer supported, but will work for most websites)
  • .NET v4.0 (will be installed automatically if it is not already installed on you computer)
  • Internet Explorer v9 or later (Internet Explorer v8 is no longer supported, but will work for most websites)
    (script debugging should be turned off)

Visual Web Ripper does not support some specialized proxy configurations. These configurations are often used in highly protected internal networks with restricted access to the Internet.

Please read the topic Requirements in the manual for more information about requirements and how to run our data extraction software on a Mac.

License agreement

Please read the license agreement here before using our web scraper. By installing this version of Visual Web Ripper you agree to this license agreement.


Please use our Support Center if you have any questions about our data extraction software.

Need help extracting data from the web?

Some web sites can be difficult to harvest, but we are confident our web scraping software can extract data from most web sites, so we will create a Visual Web Ripper project for you for FREE if you have difficulties extracting data from a particular website. We only provide this service for free if you are trialing our web scraping software. Read more

Highlighted data extraction features
Highlighted features
Very user friendly visual project designer.
Extract complete data structures, such as product catalogues.
Repeatedly submit forms for all possible input values.
Extract data from highly dynamic web sites including AJAX web sites.
Web data extraction scheduler with email notifications and logging.
Custom post-processing and comprehensive API.
Only $349 including 6 months maintenance.

Highlighted web scraping features
Highlighted web grabber features
Getting started with web scraping
Getting started with data extraction